NCA, RRB 9/17/1864

Sept 17th/64
J D Whitford Esq
Prest Atlantic & NC RR
   I have visited Washington by your request to ascertain what amount of material can be found for the use of the road and I have found the following articles
   Col D. Gaster has two cylinder boiler forty ft long by thirty two inches in diameter that weigh about five thousand pounds that he will deliver at Greenville for twenty thousand dollars & about 7,000 lbs of cast iron at 50cts at Washington and 3,000 lbs of wrought at $100 at Washington.
   Also about 400 lbs of belt matte that can be had by the compy returning the same amount or the equivalent in money when they want another belt, and one or two hundred can be purchased from different persons.
   I have bargained for 400 lbs of bar brass at $4.00 lb when delivered in the Quarter Masters he will send it to Tabroro I have bought 437 lbs of nails at 50 cts that was burnt about 80 pr ct good nails and some wrought nails among them and delivered them at Rocky Mount they cost for cartage $10.00 I also bought 1/2 doz hand saw files 6 in for $36.00 and two 15 in and 1 12 in round file 42 inches in all $12.00 1 5/8 copper road 4 ft long $20.00 for making rivets. If you will get a permit from Genl Baker for me to gather up what things that will be useful to the road I can get several things I can ascertain whose lot they are on and if they wish pay for them they can call on the comp there is some small iron pipes that we need I can purchase one copper still a Tarboro for $3.50 cts pr pound or one at Washington for $3.00 that weighs about 1,000 lbs I have the promise of some files
I am most respy
E J Clayton