NCA, RRB 8/29/1863

Richmond Aug 29th 1863
Maj J. D. Whitford
Chief of Transportation &c
   I am much gratified by the information derived through Major Sims that you have accepted the position of Chief of transportation for the State of North Carolina. Major G. W. Grice has been advised by me of this fact. With the hearty cooperation which I am sure you will receive from all Railroad authorities of your State, I believe that your important duties will be discharged with great credit to yourself and advantage to the Country. I do not know that I can ever be of any service to you in the discharge of these duties but I hope that it is unnecessary for me to assure you that if this should ever be in my power it will give me much pleasure.
   I am informed today by telegram from Charlotte that there are 40,000 bushels of Quartermasters Corn at that point awaiting shipment to Richmond {about 267 car loads; 18 trains of 15 cars}. There is very little Government freight now going over the Wilmington & Weldon Road. I therefore hope that you have already decided to bring the trains of the Atlantic {& North Carolina RR} Road to the aid of the Government in the shipment of this corn.
Very Respectfully
Chas. S. Carrington
Major & Q. M.
{Freight from Charlotte would travel over the North Carolina RR, Raleigh & Gaston RR, Petersburg RR and Richmond & Petersburg RR}