NCA, RRB 8/28/1863

Confederate States of America

Quarter Master General's Department

Rail Road Bureau Richmond Aug 28th 1863
Major Jno. D. Whitfield
Goldsboro N. Ca.
   A dispatch reached me this morning of which the following is a copy:
"copy"        Wilmington Aug 27th 1863
Maj. F. W. Sims
   If you have any applications to make for transportation over this road please address me and not the Supt. on the Atlantic road. I am at home."
Signed, S. L. Fremont
   I replied by letter that "All my requests for transportation are made through Major Whitfield and that I would forward the dispatch to him. I now do so in order that you may see Col. Fremont and explain to him the well meant instructions of Mr. Harvey.
Yours Respy
F. W. Sims
Maj. & Q. M.