NCA, RRB 8/1/1862

Adjt & Insper Genls Office
Richmond Augst 1 1862
Special Orders
No. 178
XVIII A Commission to consist of officers and civilians is hereby instituted to enquire into, and report upon the Military rail road transportation of the Confederate States.
Major E. E. McLean Quartermasters Dept. President
Captain E. T. D. Myers Engineer Capt Provisional Army
Captain M. Morfit Quartermasters Department
Captain R. H. Temple Nitre Corps
are detailed as members from the Army.
   Messrs George Yonge of Georgia {Superintendent, Georgia RR}, E. D. Frost of Mississippi {Superintendent, Mississippi Central RR} and J. D. Whitford of North Carolina {President, Atlantic & North Carolina RR}, are hereby appointed and requested to act as members of the commission.
   Captain R. H. Temple will act as Recorder
   The Commission will meet at Augusta Georgia on the 25th day of August 1862, or as soon thereafter as possible and will continue its sessions thereafter at such points as it may deem necessary. Vacancies in the Commission will be filled by the presiding officer.
   The Commission will proceed
   1st To ascertain the maximum working capacity of the more important trunk lines used by the Government -- quantity and quality of rolling stock facilities for repairs, and all mechanical requirements controlling transportation.
   2nd To examine the connections and time tables of the trunk lines, noting material changes of schedule, through which the present frequent failures of connections may be avoided, and facilities for transportation incurred.
   3d To examine and through a rail road expert to register the captured Engines, Cars and Machinery; and consider to what extent this material can be transferred and utilized.
   4th To consider the feasibility of changing the rail road gauge from West Point Georgia to Montgomery Alabama, the connection west of Selma, and the crossing of the Mississippi River.
   5th To consider and report upon the accountability for freight of the several roads, one to another, and to the Government.
   Completing the necessary examination the Commission will assemble at a time and place previously appointed, and on joint consultation will report from time to time to the Secretary of War, and finally submit a plan or plans for increasing the efficiency of the present railway service of the Confederate States.
   The Commission are empowered to call for papers and information from rail road officers, who are expected and requested to speak not only on the points above referred to, but upon rail road affairs generally viz: the security of freight, care of sick and wounded &c &c
   The expenses of the Commission will be directed by the presiding officer, with power to appoint Clerks or experts when necessary.
By Command of Secretary of War
Jno. Withers
Asst. Agt. Genl.
{addressed to}
Mr J D Whitford
Also Major McLean
Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Va