NCA, RRB 5/1/1863

Raleigh May 1st1863
Maj C. S. Carrington
Qr Mr. C. S.
Dr Sir,
   In answer to your note of this date, asking me to aid the Wilmington & Weldon and Raleigh & Gaston R Road Companies, with our rolling stock, to transport Govt freight, I have to say that I will, cheerfully, render the assistance desired, believing now, as I have heretofore, that the success of our arms, depends as much upon the exertions of Rail Road officers to carry out, promptly, all orders, of the Government for transportation as it does upon the troops, to obey the orders of the Commanders in the field.
  You are perhaps, aware that our trains, since the commencement of the war, have been almost constantly in the service of the Government. It is understood that our trains are not to go north of Petersburg, as the run would be too long for them to go beyond that point.
Yours with regard
John D. Whitford  {President, Atlantic & North Carolina RR}