NA, W&W 6/5/1863

Southern Telegraph Form
Received at Richmond June 5 1863 at ... o'clock, ... minutes,
By telegraph from Wilmington. To Col A. C. Myers QMG
Col. we are now pressed beyond endurance for the transportation of Govt freight commissary stores corn & ordinance stores. We have rented two trains to help us from the Atlantic & Newbern Road {Atlantic & North Carolina RR} but Major Carrington has obtained one of them to haul corn & with the regular business of this road, if you will direct him to attend to removing the freight from Weldon as fast as we put it there you will much oblige us & help on the freight immensely. Please reply if this can be done. 
S. L. Fremont
W&W   {Wilmington & Weldon RR}