NA, VC 9/7A/1861

Richmond Sept 7th 1861
   Received in good order and condition of Thos. R. Sharp Capt. QM Dept C. S. A. the locomotive "Lewis McKenzie" taken from the Alex. Lou. and Hampshire Railroad at Leesburg and placed on the Virginia Central Railroad by order of Col. A. C. Myers a chief Quartermaster General C. S. A.
   The said Virginia Central Railroad Company to keep the said locomotive in good repair, make good any damage that may occur and pay per diem or per mile ??? as may hereafter be agreed upon for the use of the locomotive, until some permanent arrangement is made for the purchase of use of the locomotive.
H. D. Whitcomb
N. B. It is the understanding with Maj. Ashe of the Q. M. Dept. that I am to give an engine to be used on the connection between R. F. & P. & R. & P. RRds {Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac and Richmond & Petersburg RRds} for some engine which the government will furnish. Whether the McKenzie will be the engine or not will be determined in the future.