NA, SAG 11/12/1861

The Confederate States
To Savh Albany & G RR Co   {Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR}
Date   Dollars Cts
1861 For services of Extra Engine and train furnished by order of Brig Gen Lawton top run on the Brunswick  & F RR {Brunswick & Florida RR} from 2d Oct to 11th Novr inclusive    
  41 days @ 100 per day 4100 --
  For services of Engine & train with dispatches to Camp Harrison 4 Nov 100 --
    4200 --
  Less for passengers collected on said train 1454 08


2745 92
   I certify, on honor,  that the above account is correct and just; that the services wee rendered as stated, and that they were necessary for the public service.
S. J. Smith
Maj & A Quartermaster
   Received Savannah December 4, 1861, of Maj S. J. Smith AQM Twenty seven hundred & five dollars and ninety two cents, in full of the above account.
D Macdonald Treasr