NA, RR 6/11/1862

Central Rail Road
Superintendent's Office
Savannah, Ga., June 11th 1862
Brig Genl Thos F Drayton
Hardesville So Ca
Dear Sir,
   The Track uniting the Central {(of Georgia) RR} with the Savannah A&G Rail Road {Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR} has been completed for a week but we only received this day from the Engineer Mr. A Schwaab the bill of particulars and a final estimate of the entire cost a copy of which I enclose.
Total cost of the work $9,354.94
Expended by SA&G RR $8,849.04
           ??   "  Central  " 515.90 $9,354.94
Due by Confederate States one half of above amount $4,677.47
   You will please remit to me as early as practicable authority to receive from the Qr Master, or send me in cash the above amt of $4,677.47 due by Confederate States so I can close up the business by settling with the SA&G RR
Yours very Respectfully
Geo W Adams
Genl Supt