NA, RR 4/20A/1862

Corinth April 20, 1862

General B. Bragg
2d Grand Div
Army Missi.
   I have the honor to report as follows concerning the Railway connection between Meridian and Selma as per your order of the 12th inst.
   The route from Meridian to Selma is 108 1/2 miles long and composed as follows
From Meridian to Reagan NE&SW RRd {Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR} 27 1/2 Miles
" Reagan to McDonalds Landing Ala& Miss {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} 24     "
" McDonalds Landing to Demopolis Steamboat 4    "
" Demopolis to Uniontown Ala&Miss RRd 22    "
" Uniontown to Junction " 16    "
" Junction to Selma " 15   "


108 1/2 "
   From Meridian to Reagan, the grading, masonry and bridging is nearly done and 14 miles of track laid. A large force is now at work completing the grading and laying the track and iron is on hand for this purpose.
   From Reagan to McDonalds Landing a distance of 24 miles the road passes over only two bridges the work is light and easily done. Soil black sand with occasional prairie soil underlaid with rotten lime stone. The heavy work on the Bridges is already under progress but as the R. Rd Company pay no cash the work goes on slowly. ??? maintains to complete this Section ready for the track
120,000 cub yds of earth excavation
244,000    "    "     "    "    grub'k't
8,000    "    "     "  soft rock exc
17,000    "    "     "  hard   "     "
2800 linear feet of trestle work
200      "       "  of truss bridge
34 wooden culverts
   No iron or spikes have been purchased for this section.
   From McDonald's Landing to Demopolis a distance of four miles, it is their intention of the R. Rd. Company to use a Steamboat for the present, thus saving the expense of building a Drum Bridge over the {Tom}Bigbee River and long trestle work across the swamp.
   From Demopolis to Uniontown -- 22 miles of the grading masonry and bridging is nearly complete and track is laid from Uniontown west 11 miles. The force now at work is laying 1/5 mile per day. Iron and spikes are now provided to lay track within four miles of Demopolis with all necessary bridging.
   From Uniontown to Selma, 31 miles, crossing the Marion & Cahawba Railway {Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR} at the Junction, the track is laid and the road in fair running order.
   The Railway from Marion to Cahawba, 28 miles long crossing the Ala & Miss R Rd at the Junction is in fair order but at present not making expenses, the iron is 50 lbs per yard, at Marion there are now 400 tons of iron and 400 kegs of spikes, {there is a page break here and the flow of the sentence gives me the impression that a page is missing} all from the pressures of the times in chancery. Parties wish to sell but are not allowed. Also the Ala  Missi R Road desires to purchase an Engine and are willing to pay fair prices but the parties charge too much. The Engine belongs to the {Montgomery &} Eufaula R. Rd Co and is now at Montgomery.
Respectfully Yr obt Servt
J. W. Goodwin