NA, RRB 1/9A/1865

Office Post Q. M.
Selma Ala January 9, 1865
Brig Genl A. R. Lawton
Q. M. Genl. C. S.A.
Richmond Va.
   I have the honor to state, in connection with Par 4. of the enclosed Report the following: That my duties of auditing the accounts of the various Rail Roads terminating at this point, comprised then of the Ala & Miss R. R. R. {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} The Ala & Tenn R. R. R. {Alabama & Tennessee River RR} The Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro R. R. The North & South R. R. {Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR} The auditing of these accounts has nearly been completed, up to August 1st 1864, when my duties in this respect will cease, having been relieved by Major T. Le Baron Q. M.
   Estimates for funds have been forwarded in obedience to instructions from the Q. M. Genl's Office to meet the liabilities of these R. Roads, up to that time but as yet none have been received. I ask permission to state on this occasion, that the demands made by these roads have been very good indeed, and in this connection would be thankful for any attention that may be given to my estimates for the above.
I have the honor to remain
Very respectfully &c
J C Graham
Capt & A. Q. M.