NA, ENG 8/10B/1863

   Endorsement on letter from Col. C. F. M. Garnett dated Richmond July 25th 1863, accompanying report of Lt. C. N. Latrobe for recommendation also relative to the Pen. & Ga. R. Rd. C. {Pensacola & Georgia RR Company}  Engineer Bureau Aug. 10, 1863. Resp. recommended to the Hon Sec of War that the connection between the Pensacola & Ga. R. Road in Florida & the Sav{anah} Albany & Gulf R. Road in Ga. be made by completing the road already graded between Lawton Ga. & Live Oak Florida in the following manner viz: The Government to furnish the rail and iron to the companies indicated in the completion of the connection, if the said companies will finish their respective portions of the Road, that is finish the Bridges & Trestle work, procure & lay cross ties, lay the track & do all other things necessary to place the connecting road in complete running order, say another four (4) months from date of agreement. The roads to be taken by authority of the Government under the impressment act -- from the Fernandina & Cedar Keys Rail Road {the Florida RR} by the companies constructing the connection, the removal of the iron to be commenced as near Fernandina & Cedar Keys as practicable. The same companies to remove the remainder of the iron from the Cedar Key & Fernandina Rail Road & transfer it to Savannah Georgia at $___ per mile of iron. To carry this into effect I propose to invest Col. Garnett & Capt Walker commissioners to enter into the necessary contracts with the Rail Road companies for the accomplishment of the work, subject to the approval of the Sec of War.
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J. F. Gilmer
Col Engrs & Chf Bu.