NA, ENG 5/18/1863

Engineer Bureau
May 18th 1863
Capt. L. P. Grant
Corps of Engineers P. A. C. S. Atlanta, Geo.
   Your letter of May 11th has just been received. A few days since I received a letter from Judge Walker enclosing the certificate you refer to, and on the 15th inst. I made a requisition to have $60,000 in 8 per cent bonds placed to your credit with W. M. Smith, Depository at Selma, Ala. to settle with the Ala. & Tenn. R. Rd. Co. {Alabama & Tennessee River RR}
   The account will be in the usual form, that is duplicate receipts in detail will be required f the company, and the funds accounted for in the same way that you will account for money received from appropriation for Engineer Service. This being from a different appropriation a separate account current will be required.
Very Respectfully Yours
J. F. Gilmer
Col. of Engrs. & Chf of Bureau