NA, ENG 2/6/1863

Engineer Bureau
February 6th 1863
Endorsement on letter from Brigd Genl H. W. Mercer, Commanding Mil. Dist. of Geo. enclosing letter and statement of Major Screvens in regard to connecting railroads between Savannah, Albany & Gulf R. Rd. and the Pensacola & Geo. R. Rd. Co.
   "Respectfully returned to the Hon. Sec. of War. Col. J. F. Gilmer Chief of the Bureau does not deem the proposed Rail Road connection a matter of sufficient importance for Government interference.
   "The main opposition to it in Florida, the great difficulty of procuring iron and the time required for completion (six months as a minimum) in the Colonel's judgment warrants the conclusion to which he has arrived."
A. L. Rives
Maj. & Asst to Chf Engr.