NA, ENG 12/2B/1862

Engineer Bureau
December 2d, 1862
Capt. L. P. Grant
Provl. Engr. Corps -- Atlanta, Geo.
   Enclosed I send for your consideration, by direction of Col. Gilmer, copies of the following papers which have been referred to this Bureau -- forwarding at the same time notes of the transmission of their respective papers, to Alfred Shorter Esq. Prest. of the Geo. & Ala. R. Rd. Co. & to J. W. Lapsley Esq. who represents the Ala. & Tenn. River R. Rd. Co. 
   1st. Letter of Alfred Shorter Esq. of 25th Octo. to Hon. Thos. H. Watts & Wade L. Keys, enclosing resolutions of Board of Directors of Geo. & Ala. R. Rd. & seeking information regarding supply of iron for the construction of the Rail Road from Rome, Geo. to Blue Mountain, Ala.
   2d. Letter from J. W. Lapsley Esq. to his Excellency President Davis enclosing proposed obligations & mortgage of the Ala. & Tenn. River R. Rd. Co., binding themselves to construct the rail road from Blue Mountain Ala. to Rome, Geo. -- together with a copy of the act authorizing a contract or contracts for its construction.
Very Respectfully Yours
A. L. Rives
Major & Asst. to Chf Engineer