NA, ENG 12/26/1862

Engineer Bureau
Decemb. 26th, '62
Endorsement on letter from Capt. E. T. D. Myers -- Chief Engr. P. R. Rd. dated Danville Dec. 24th, '62 -- in relation to rail road iron laid and unlaid which may be obtained in Va. & N. C.
   Respectfully referred to the Hon. Sec. of War with the recommendation that authority be given Capt. E. T. D. Myers, Provisional engineers, to take possession of the iron belonging to the rail roads enumerated, viz:
Western North Carolina Clarkesville & Keysville  {Roanoke Valley RR}
Raleigh & Gaston Port Walthall  {a branch of the Richmond & Petersburg RR}
Atlantic & North Carolina Richmond & York River (in part)
Virginia Central Seaboard & Roanoke (in part)
City Point & Petersburg  {the eastern 9 miles of the South Side RR}
or so much as may be necessary for the purposes of the Government.
J. F. Gilmer
Colonel of Engrs. & Chief of Bureau