NA, CSN 10/3/1862

The Confederate States Navy Department
To William Allen
Office of                          Appropriation for military steamers & Gun Boats
$   $  
  For two hundred and seventy five tons, eighteen cwt. and twenty four pounds of flat Rail Road iron @ $110 per ton $30357 76
  For hauling the same 2759 00
    $33,116 76
             186  .  Received the above article for
Office of
Richmond Oct 3d 1862
Approved for thirty three thousand one hundred & Sixteen dollars and Seventy Six Cents.
? Forrest
Chief off Bureau
   Richmond 8 October 1862. Received of John deBree paymaster Thirty three thousand one Hundred & Sixteen dollars & Seventy six cents, in full of the above bill, and have signed triplicate receipts.
William Allen   {Allen's Plantation RR}