NA, BR 6/30/1863

Confederate States of America

To Blue Ridge R. R. Company



Designation     Remarks


For 761 Bars R. R. Iron     The Iron & chairs in this bill were delivered to me at Pendleton So. Ca. and no charges are to be made against the Confederate States for the taking up or the transporting of the iron to that point. This Iron is intended for its Greensboro & Danville RR {Piedmont RR}
    278,005 lbs = 124 7/64 tons    
    @ $250 per ton 31027 34
    800 RR chairs, 5600 lbs @ 30c per lb 1680 00
    {enough rail for 1 3/4 miles, both tracks}    


32707 34
   I certify that the above account is correct and just, amounting to thirty two thousand, seven hundred and seven and 34/100 dollars and that the property has been received and will be accounted for.
Geo. Arnold
Capt. & Asst. Sup
   Received at Charleston So. Ca. this 30th day of June 1863 of Capt Geo Arnold Ast Supt, C. S. Nitre and Mining Service, thirty two thousand seven hundred & seven dollars thirty four cents, in full of the  above account.

Edward Frost

Prest Blue Ridge RR Co.