NA, A&NC 7/16/1864

Office Atlantic & North Carolina R. Road Co.

Goldsboro, N. C. July 16th 1864
Col. F. W. Sims
Rail Road Bureau
Dear Col,
   Nearly two months ago, I spoke to the Qt Master at this place, Capt. Divine, relative to settling my accounts for salary Commutation &c, & he informed me that he would write you & get the order assigning me to duty in this State, which was necessary for him to have he stated previous to Settlement. On yesterday, I called to see him, on the subject, & was informed that he had not only written for the order, as promised me, but also, about orders prohibiting the payment of &c when board was not given. This he did notwithstanding I laid before him your letter, to me of the 30th last April, containing the Qt Master Generals decision on expenses in this matter. Believing the Captain to be more "nice than wise" on this question, I do not doubt his grand intention, but I do not wish to be troubled further with him, I must beg you to send me the order assigning me to duty here & also get outher ly to have my accounts settled wither in Richmond, or by Maj Cameron Wilmington. I will mention again the amount due my by the Government would not much more than cover the amount I paid out, a long time since for expenses, while in the service. If my matters are to be settled in this State I would thank you to obtain for me an order from the Qt Master General directing their settlement at once by some Qt Master.
   Your early attention to this matter would greatly oblige me.
Yours Truly
John D. Whitford