NA, A&MR 4/30/1862

April 30, 1862 {Date of the document is not known; this date is the date received at Corinth}
Memo for Major Goodwin
John Collins, 8 miles east of Demopolis works 200 hands, planting large cotton crop & has given $25.00 to the war
Gains Whitfield, Demopolis, works 300 hands, worth $2000000 & has given about $500 to the war
D C Lane near Demopolis, works 50 hands & has given nothing
E A Glover, works 300 hands & has given about 700$
D C Reese works 80 hands & has given one bag of cotton which can be sold
D F Proset 50 hands & has given $100
G G Lyon 50 hands, has given $50
Jas Mussing works 100 hands & has given nothing
   These are all near Demopolis
Genl Whitfield works 150 hands & has given $200
Dr Bryan Whitfield works 100 hands & has given $25.00
  All are near Demopolis are making cotton & have any no of hands, mules & waggons & implements of all sorts
O H Prince
{on back of document}
Gives the names of Planters in Alabama who should furnish mules negroes &c {for the construction and upkeep of the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}
Rec'd Hd Qrs Army of the Miss Corinth April 30, 1862