NA, A&F 3/30/1863

Demopolis Mch 30th 1863

Wm M Wadley
A. A. G. Jackson
   Col. Samuel Tate, the Military Superintendent of the Ala & Miss R RRd, under authority of Gel Bragg, to finish the road from Selma to Meridian, purchased on the 12th day of July 1862, from the Montgomery & Eufaula RR Co. new and excellent rails at $70 per ton, wrought iron chairs and spikes at 8c per point.
   On the same day he seized the iron of the Ala & Fla RR Co. that had been taken up and deposited by the military authorities at Pollard, a point at which the road intersects with the Great Northern road from Mobile.
   On the 10th Sept. 1862, Col Tate purchased from the Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR Co. rails for $80 per ton, and chairs, spikes, frogs at 10c per pound, switch stands at $40 each.
   In making his report to Genl Bragg, and the Govt, Col. Tate gives to the Ala & Fla Co. the benefit of the highest price given for material ??? months subsequent to the seizure of the Fla iron. Allowing them $10 per ton and 2c per pound more than the same material cost by purchase on the day the Fla iron was taken.
   I submit very cheerfully to the valuation of Col. Tate but think the price given by purchase on the day the Fla. iron was seized should have governed the price of that material. Agreeable to report of Col. Tate the proportion of the Fla iron used on the Ala & Miss R. R. R. at his valuation is $106,208.75 which I have authority from A. C. Myers Q. M. G. at Richmond to pay to J. L. Calhoun Q. M. at Montgomery. I shall make the payment in a few days.
   I will enclose you copy of Col Tates a/c rendered the Govt and Genl Bragg by which you can judge the correctness & liberality of his valuation of the material taken from Ala & Fla Co.
Very respy. Yr obdt svt
G. G. Griffin