NA, A&F 3/13/1863

Demopolis March 13/63
Hon. F. S. Lyon
Dear Sir
   The president of the Ala & Florida Rail Road is making efforts (as I understand) to induce the government to pay him an exorbitant price for iron belonging to that road which may be used on the NE. & SW. {Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR} and Ala & Miss R RR {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} Railroads.
   I have taken the liberty of troubling you with the enclosed copy of Col. Tate's account of iron purchased and seized to complete the Selma & Meridian railroad under authority of Genl. Bragg.
   From this account you will see Col. Tate purchased from the Montgomery & Eufaula RR co. on the 12th day of July 1862 iron rails at $70 per ton. Chairs the best perhaps on the road at 8 cents per pound on the same day he seized the Ala. & Florida iron -- which had been used and taken up and deposited at Pollard by the military authorities. He has allowed as per account for rails $80 per ton and two cents per pound for wrought chairs.
   I see no reason why we should pay ten more per ton for iron no better than the Eufaula iron and two cents per pound for chairs not as good as the Eufaula chairs. We are not however disposed to contend for a dep price that col. Tate has placed on the Ala & Florida iron but will protest against paying a higher price and think the correct price should be $70. The price at which iron was purchased on the same day the Florida iron was seized.
   As the 20th of May 1862, Captain Gas?? Special agent of the government, seized 299.8 tons of iron rails -- with fish bars both you will see by the foregoing statement -- iron was purchased so late as 10th September 1862 at 80 dollars per ton.
   My knowledge of sales of railroad iron is not very extensive -- but it is my opinion -- the prices given by purchase on a valuation were the selling price are a full value at the time the purchase and seizures were made.
Very Respectfully
Your obdt Servant
G. G. Griffin Prest.
Ala & Miss R RR Co
A. C. Myers
Qr Master Genl.
{at the bottom of the page} If you desire proof of the above statement I can furnish it when desired
G. G. Griffin