NA, AP 9/21/1863

The Confederate States
Application for Engineer Service
To William Allen    Dr.
Date 1863 Designation Application Cost
Dolls. Cts.
Sept. 21 1 Locomotive   8,000  
  19 Four wheel flat cars @ $600   11,400 00
  Labor of 44 men for 2 days each, loading the above, on boat @ $2.50 per day   220 --
  Paid Superintendent 2 days @ $5. per day   10 --
      19,630 --
  Approved J. A. Seddon      
  Secy of War      
   I certify that the above account is correct and just; Chas F. M. Garnett Commissioner
   Received at Richmond, Va. the 23d day of September 1863 of Lt. Col. A. L. Rives the sum of Nineteen thousand six hundred and thirty dollars in full payment of the above account.

William Allen