LVA, RF&P 3/7/1862

{From the minutes of the Directors' Meeting of the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR, March 7, 1862}

At a meeting of the Board of Directors held at the office of the Company in Richmond on the 7th day of March 1862
   P. V. Daniel Jr President
   G. W. Mumford, G. A. Myers, Chs S. Mills Directors
   The President stated to the meeting that the engine purchased of Mr. Wm Allen {Allen's Plantation RR} for $9000 had been received. He also stated that he had sold to the Richmond & Petersburg Rail Road Company the Engine "Tecumseh" for $6250 which was approved.
   The President also stated to the Board that proceedings had been instituted in the Confederate court against the stock, bonds, and other property of Mr. Moncure Robinson since which time the Confederate Congress had changed the Sequestration Act vesting the property of alien enemies having lineal heir, citizens of the Confederacy in such lineal heirs and that Mr. M. Robinson's son Mr. Jno M. Robinson of Portsmouth Va had given his obligation to this Company to pay the debt due by his father to the Company with the property of his father which would be so vested in him and when it shall be so vested in him by the Confederate States Court estimating such property by arbitration at its market value at the dates when the several items of the said debt were incurred, which arrangement was thereupon agreed to by the Board.
   The President laid before the Board the act of Assembly passed in relation to the connection between this road and the Orange & Alexandria rail road at the Manassas Junction. Whereupon it was Resolved that the President be instructed to call a meeting of the Stockholders on the 30th of April 1862.
   The following resolution was unanimously adopted. Resolved that the President have a survey made of so much of the route between Manassas Junction and some point on the road as may be necessary and to select such an Engineer as he may deem best.
   Resolved that to provide in part for the construction of the said extension, as well as for losses and repairs of this company, property which may result from the contingencies of the existing war the President be authorized to sell the guaranteed Stock of this Company to the amount of $60,000 -- provided the same be sold at not less than par nor for a commission of more than 2 pr. cent.