B7, W&W 8/30/1863

Wilmington & Weldon Railroad Co.
Office Engineer and Superintendent
Wilmington, N. C. Aug. 30th, 1863
Col. D. A. Barnes
Aid. D. C. to Gov. Vance
Raleigh, N. C.
   Your reply to my letter to the Governor on the subject of shipping cotton by the "Advance" was duly received -- and was in the main satisfactory but really His Excellency will not divide five bales with us & the Atlantic {& North Carolina Rail} Road I hope. Five is a very small quantity, and we need very large supplies while the "Atlantic" has a good claim to some accommodation of the sort -- I put our request down very low to allow them to come in above or below us not with us in five Bales -- suppose we say ten Bales and the divide pro rata as to length of Road, and number of trains employed -- I would prefer that. However we are obligated for any favors of the kind. Yet remember the state owns $400,000, in this road out of $1,500,000 & I hope the importance of our Road as to the interests of the state either in peace or war is not underrated.
   I will in this connection say if you will excuse the "connection" -- that we have an Engine recently purchased of the York River and Richmond {Richmond & York River} Rail Road, built in Richmond before the war now thoroughly rebuilt here and in good order that will go on the road in two weeks or less that I propose to honor with the name of "Governor Vance." Hoping his Excellency will not object to it and that the Engine may do the company good service as the Governor is now doing the State.
I am yours sincerely,
S. L. Fremont
ChfEng. & Supt.