B7, A&NC 11/27/1862

Goldsboro, Nov 27th 1862
{Sent to N. C. Governor Vance, but salutation not provided in the printed version.}
   Mr Wallace goes up to-day. I will endeavour to get our train of cotton up the No. Ca. Road {North Carolina RR} to-morrow But there will be a number of trains on that Road & I may have to keep it here until Sunday or Monday Morning. If you desire me to aid you on getting your salt from Virginia I would suggest you send me a letter to that effect as my action on the matter might be questioned, as there are so many speculators about in these days of patriotism -- I regret to see in the Raleigh papers this morning that the Confederate Administration had the cordial endorsement of No. Ca. or rather the Legislature. For one I am not willing to endorse the Administration while I would cheerfully sacrifice property & even life to sustain & uphold the Government. What did the Legislature mean by their action? I am only asking as an humble citizen of No. Ca. & believe you do not approve their action. I understand the Secretary of the Navy intends to take over Rail Road iron with or without your consent. I have as yet recd no notice from an official source if I do I will give you the information. It would never be taken without your consent, if I had the power, without a fight. I desire no hasty action in this matter but No. Ca. has been in my opinion sufficiently kicked about.
John D. Whitford  {President, Atlantic & North Carolina RR}