B7, A&NC 1/28/1863

State of North Carolina
Executive Department
Raleigh, Jany. 28th, 1863
Col. J. D. Whitford  {John D. Whitford, President, Atlantic & North Carolina RR}
Prest. A&NCRR.
My dear Sir,
   The bearer Lt. Poindexter C. S. N. has been again to see me about the iron at B?? Station. I have offered the Secy. of the Navy all the iron on your Road from Kinston to New Berne {33 miles}, if they would only go & get it. That at B?? {Batchelor's Creek?} station, I have understood you to say was necessary for repairing the roads & have refused to let it go on that account. I have referred the Lieutenant to you, if the iron is necessary to the efficiency of our roads, refuse to let it go, if you can do without it, let them have it. It seems to me though that the Government is able to get up that from below Kinston if half an effort was made.
Truly Yrs
Z. B. Vance