B13, AL&H 6/21/1861

   In order to prevent two Alexander, Hampshire & Loudoun RR locomotives from being used by Federal forces, Confederate engineer John Wampler did the following (as reported in a letter to his superior, Col. Eppa Hunton):
   The slide valves are all removed, and steam chests placed in condition as tho' all was right, the valve rods remaining in position as tho' in proper connection with the slides.
   The valve rod connecting Rods have been removed.
   The Pump valves have been removed & the pumps placed in condition to appear as tho' in perfect working order. This arrangement of itself will insure an explosion should the enemy repair the other parts and attempt to run the Engines. They will not discover the absence of the pump valves until the consequences, too late, betray it.
   The hand gear is also removed in part & in part disarranged.
{Quoted in George Kundahl's, Confederate Engineer, p. 83, from Wampler's Journal}
   These two locomotives (McKenzie and Manning) were removed by Thomas R. Sharp, in early August, by hauling them south to the Manassas Gap RR. {Diary of Thomas R. Sharp 1861}