AR, SA&G 5/1/1862 P

Annual Report of the Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR
as of May 1, 1862,
President's Report
Report of the Acting President Report of the Acting President of the Sav’h, Albany & Gulf Rail Road Co. to the Stockholders
Savannah, May 1st, 1862
   The past year will be long remembered by the present generation, and history will record to posterity the sufferings that have been caused by the political scum that has for years past been swimming on the surface of the country, fostering itself, and recreant to the country’s good. The existing unnatural war has deprived this Road of many advantages for the present. 
   During the past year the attention of the Board of Directors has been specially directed to the permanent improvement of the condition of the Road.
   It is with much pleasure that the Directors can now report that so much of the Trestle work crossing the low lands on each side of the Ogeechee River, over two miles in length, as well as other minor portions of trestle, has been substantially filled up. A contract has been made with Messrs Walthour & Snyder, the same party who performed the work above mentioned, to fill up so much of the Trestle crossing the Altamaha Swamp as will be deemed prudent to fill at present. It is a settled policy of this Board to continue these permanent improvements, by substituting embankments for Trestle whenever it can be done with apparent safety.
   The Florida Branch Road, intended to connect the Railways of both States, is progressing very favorably, and the stockholders may look forward to an early completion of this work.
   Connected with other difficulties, there have been some unpleasant transactions with some of the operatives, which made it necessary to deal with them more stringently than it is desirable to do. The present system of sending mail agents over the Road, is one that needs correction, and as no contract now exists between this Company and the Confederate States, it will be proper to guard against allowing any one to pass over the Road in the capacity of Mail agent who considers himself not subject to the rules and regulations for the government of the Road. For the present, and during the continuance of the war, the harmony existing between the Post Office Department and this Company in relation to carrying the Mail, will be continued if possible – but a case may occur, when in the event of disrespect to the executive officers, or disregard to the interest of the Company, a Mail agent should become obnoxious, it may be necessary to displace him.
   At the last session of the Legislature, a bill was introduced and passed into a law, authorizing this Company to extend its Road to Tybee Island, I desire to call your attention especially to the third section of the Bill, without comment. The obstructions placed in the Savannah River below the city, will for a length of time render it impracticable to transport anything, except by very light draft flat bottomed boats, and even though the blockade may be removed, “our port will be almost useless as a shipping. Port. To obviate this difficulty, it will be necessary to be prepared to extend the Road down the River past the obstructions so soon as the blockade is removed.
   For the operations of the Road, I refer you to the report of G. J. Fulton, Superintendent, for its financial condition, to the balance sheet of the Treasurer, and for particulars in reference to filling bridges, and the work on the Florida connection, to the report of J. T. Stone, Chief Engineer. All of which is respectfully submitted by
Hiram Roberts
Acting President