AR, SA&G 5/1/1862 E

Annual Report of the Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR
as of May 1, 1862,
Engineer's Report
Engineer's Report
Engineer’s Department, Sav. A. & Gulf R. R.
Savannah, April 21st, 1862
Hiram Roberts, Esq.
Acting President
   I submit, in obedience to your instructions, a short statement of the Trestled Work filled and proposed to be filled on your Road, and of the progress made on the Florida branch.
   Of the ten thousand eight hundred feet (two miles 240 feet) of original bridging across the Great Ogeechee River and adjacent rice fields, 8,673 lineal feet amounting to 112,377 cubic yards has been filled, leaving, including the bridge across the river, only 2,227 lineal feet of permanent bridging – and of the 2 ¼ miles of Trestling in the Altamaha Swamp, a contract has been entered into with Messrs. Walthour & Snyder to fill 5900 lineal feet, amounting when complete, to about 143,400 cubic yards, leaving as permanent 5,600 lineal feet.
   It may, and I think will be found advisable, as the work progresses, to fill even more of the trestling than is above designated. In the above is included parts of the bridges across Jones’ Creek, Fountain Branch, Cypress Flats, Back Swamp, Forrest Pond and the Main Trestle between Morgan Lake and the River.
   The grading and bridging on the Florida Branch is completed from the Junction, 20 miles, with the exception of about two miles for Section No. 5, thirteen miles from the Junction, leaving 7 ¾ miles yet to be graded to reach the Florida line, which will amount when completed to about 60,000 cubic yards. No cross-ties have yet been furnished, and should the Company desire any time soon to commence the superstructure, the force at present engaged on the grading, will, I think, be able to finish it by the time the cross-ties can be procured and the track laid over the portion of Road now finished.
J. T. Stone
Chief Engineer