AR, A&NC 6/1/1865 M

Annual Report of the Atlantic & North Carolina RR
as of June 1, 1865
Master Machinist's Report
Goldsboro', May 31, 1865
Jno. D. Whitford, Esq.
President of the Atlantic & North Carolina Rail Road Company
   I have the honor to report, as per your order, that about the middle of March last, we carried up the North Carolina Rail Road, the following Locomotives and Cars, Tools and material, to prevent their being taken or destroyed by the Northern army invading the State at that time: Six Locomotives and 57 cars, consisting of 3 Coaches, 3 second class and 3 Baggage Cars, the balance were Flat and Box Cars. One Locomotive, "Dr. Hawks," 1 Coach, 1 second class car, and one pony passenger car, were carried up the Western North Carolina Rail Road. Of this train, we lost by Stoneman's troops, 1 baggage and 1 second class car. The Locomotive and the other cars are still on that road as they could not be brought down when in our possession, as the bridges on the road were burnt below them. All the other passenger cars and Locomotives were brought back to this place, except one coach left at Raleigh, by order of the Chief Quarter Master, Col. Boyd. Most of the freight cars are now up the North Carolina Rail Road. There was one box car captured at Smithfield, and 7 cars not in running order and some wheels and axles left at Goldsboro', as we could not get them away.
   The following is a list of tools and material on hand:
   One barrel Tallow, 1 barrel Varnish, half barrel Glue, half barrel Cement, 4 Vices, 1 Anvil and Bellows, 1 set of Tinner's Tools, 1 box of Wrenches, 15 feet Gum Hose, 60 lbs of Bolts, 1 box of Blacksmith's tools, 1 Brace and Drills, half barrel spirits of turpentine, half barrel Linseed Oil, 200 lbs of Paint, 1 five horse stationary Engine and boiler, 15 kegs of Nails, 50 lbs Putty, 100 lbs of steel Tools, 50 gum springs, 25 lbs iron washers, 1 cross cut saw, 8 sheets of iron, 500 lbs copper pipes, 3 wrest pins, 1 hand trunk, 7 pair brakes, 2 boxes glass, 1 hand boreing machine, 3 sheets Russia iron, 1 set copper steam pipes, 600 lbs brass castings, 19 axles, 46 wheels, 24 boxes, 8 pedestals, 3 bars spring steel, 5 barrels of Rosin oil, 4 chilled tires for driving wheels, 6 tons old iron, 1 box carpenter's tools and 1 valve plainer. All our rolling stock, when it was given up, was in as good order generally, as any in the State.
Yours most respectfully
E. J. Clayton
Master Machinist, Atlantic & N. C. R. R.