AR, A&NC 6/1/1864 FC

Annual Report of the Atlantic & North Carolina RR
as of June 1, 1864
Finance Committee Report
Report of the Finance Committee to the Stockholders of the Atlantic & N. C. Rail Road, for the Year Ending 31st May, 1864
   The undersigned, a majority of the Committee, elected at the last Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of said Company, to audit the Accounts of the Treasurer, submit the following Report:
   They have examined the Books, and find all entries sustained by proper vouchers; and from the statements of the Treasure's accounts, we find the affairs of the Company for the year ending 31st May, 1864, as follows:
Balance of Cash on hand 31st May, 1863 $14,203.17  
Cash receipts for Fiscal Year ending 31st May, 1864 345,214.22 $359,417.39
Cash Disbursements for Fiscal Year ending 31st May, 1864 356,177.41  
Balance of Cash in Treasurer's hands 31st May, 1864 3,239.98 359,417.39
Transportation Receipts for Fiscal Year 31st May 31, 1864 314,967.31  
Operating expenses for the Fiscal Year ending 31st May, 1864 100,720.44  
Net Earnings for the year ending 31st May, 1864   $214,246.87
   For detailed statements of the affairs of the Company, we refer you to the printed tables of the Treasurer.
   We take pleasure in stating, that we find the Books and Accounts of the Treasurer kept in a neat and business like manner. In this connection we respectfully suggest, that we deem the salary of the Treasurer entirely inadequate compensation for the talents and industry evinced in his business transactions, and would respectfully recomm3end that it be increased.
Respectfully submitted,
M. F. Alesdell, Committee
L. W. King
Thos. J. Kennedy