Clinton & Port Hudson

The road was chartered in 1833 and completed in 1841. Bonds were sold in 1860 for a complete reconstruction of the road, but there is no evidence of whether the work was done or not. Though only a short road, after the fall of Baton Rouge in May 1862, it was very useful in sending eastward the supplies sent down the Red River and the salt from southwestern Louisiana. It also played a major role in getting Port Hudson ready for the siege that paralleled Vicksburg's. The road was totally destroyed during the siege. 

The road was owned by 9 stock holders. There were no annual meetings or annual reports since almost all the shares were represented by the members of the Board of Directors. Two dividends were declared during the war -- 25% on April 20, 1863 and 15% on August 14, 1863.

Black's Number 96 (map) (map)
Track 27 miles of 4 foot 8 inch gauge strap iron of unknown weight (probably all had been replaced with T-rail -- 2 miles of 45# T-rail were used to make repairs in 1859)
Locomotives 1; 1 name
Cars 7
Stations 4
Officers All
Significant Documents
NP, MAP 2-7-63
NA, C&PH 3-25-63
NA, C&PH 4-16-63
NA, PH 4-24-63