Alexandria, Loudoun & Hampshire Locomotives

The Virginia Central RR's annual reports list the "General Beauregard" as having been captured from the AL&H RR. General Beauregard was the Lewis McKenzie. The C. P. Manning was renamed the "General Johnston" and was being used on the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR in late 1861. "Edgar Snowden" has not been identified, except for one newspaper article. Clarke was captured by the Union in Alexandria and served in the US Military RR.

Name Number Type Date Builder Weight Cylinders Driver Diam
C. P. Manning 1 4x4x0 1859 Mason


15"x22" 60"
Lewis McKenzie 2 4x4x0 1858 Mason 23 15"x22" 60"
Clarke 3 4x4x0 1/1860 Mason 23(28?) 15"x22" 60"
Edgar Snowden